Nonprofit investigative agencies are rare. That uniqueness combined with community support, funding, processes, and human capital gives us a plan for the solution.

Community Support

Community support gives Proven Justice the voice to maximize engagement. Lowering crime rates through investigations and education is a community endeavor. With strong engagement, change happens.


Community funding plays a critical role in developing solutions that educate people and solve cases. With prioritized funding focused on victim relief, versatile solutions are realized in: 

  • Processes 
  • Human Capital

As a nonprofit, primary funding for Proven Justice comes from community support rather than the victim’s pocketbook. 


The Name Proven Justice came from developing proven processes to advance justice. This is where the solution to the problem is templated, scripted, tasked, documented, and evolves into a world-class investigative program.

The Crime Triangle holds six elements that must exist for any crime to occur. Proven Justice processes are based on uncovering and disrupting the Crime Triangle elements through:

  • Unparalleled investigations
  • Community awareness and education
crime triangle, proven justive

Human Capital

The hiring and training procedures at Proven Justice breathe life into educating and solving crimes for victims. Team members are hired based on fit to build an advanced investigative unit. Training first is our path to success. Only with the best ongoing training will more cases be solved.



Our solutions are grounded in four critical areas:

  1. Community support is the compass.
  2. Community funding is the gateway.
  3. Processes are the roadmap.
  4. Human capital brings it to life.

These four critical areas were developed in a sequence that must be followed for victim relief. Supporting victims starts with you.