Why We Exist

Our method, values, and commitment give us the ability to create empowering solutions for victims of crime.

Helping victims of crime, investigating Justice

Driven by Justice To Promote Victimless Communities

  • We are investigative leaders who help victims to change communities.
  • Our values are a promise to you of how we conduct ourselves, ensuring your trust in us.
  • Our mission is a promise of what we do, advancing justice by finding truth that promotes victimless communities.

Our Values

Do the right thing: Guided by God’s code of conduct in all areas of life.

Determined to deliver: Dedicated to advancing justice through meticulous investigative practices that produce the most accurate, fastest, and highest case clearance rate.

Relationship building: Passionate about building sincere relationships.

Maximize community: Community is an important resource, and we strive to act in ways that nurture and encourage its growth, development, and ongoing success.

Compass of truth: Find truth and all else will follow.

Genuineness: Have a no-nonsense atmosphere without false pretenses. Dedicated to victims where grit and empathy are the oaths. 

Commitment to each other: Proven Justice personnel are non-biological family members living out a shared triangle mission between themselves, the agency, and the victims we get to serve. 

Continue to improve and evolve: Greatness is not a birthright and mediocracy is unacceptable, never resting on accomplishments or failures.

Our Commitment

  • The judicial system, private citizens, and businesses are part of our communities. We support any victim of violent or property crime regardless of how they come to us.
  •  Listening is always our objective.
  • We follow supported truths and only investigate supported facts regardless of where they take us.
Proven Justice is a nonprofit in North Dakota helping victims of crime in Fargo.

Our methods, values, and commitment were developed in conjunction with Our Solution to deal with a significant problem throughout the United States. Learn more about The Problem that leaves victims helpless.

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