Knowledge Building

We are proven experts in investigation, criminology, and victimology. Knowledge in the community can bring a movement.

Awareness of local crime

Bringing Awareness Through Facts

Are You Safe?

Knowledge about criminology and victimology is the first step to a safer you.

We at Proven Justice see the world through distinctive human behavior combined with the environment. Crimes and victims require both to occur.

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Proven Expertise in Investigating Crime

CJ Sahr is a private investigator who founded Proven Justice, the first nonprofit education and investigative firm of its kind in America. He began his career in government law enforcement after graduating from the University of Jamestown and developed more effective programs and strategies in the private sector. Advancing justice by finding truth that promotes victimless communities is not only the business’s mission statement, but it is also CJ’s commitment to himself and those with whom he has the pleasure of working with. 


The Community Movement

We are constructing a community movement by:

  • Building trust through transparency
  • Being inclusive
  • Using purpose-driven data for proper action
  • Educating on critical points related to crime and victims
Crime rates per capita

Benefits of Knowledge Building

Gain factual knowledge of crime and victimization in your community

With the correct knowledge, we answer why the crime and victim rates are rising

With knowledge of what the problem is and why it is occurring, impactful actions can be used

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